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Capital One Cafe

By American / Interstate Signcrafters


American & Interstate Signcrafters worked with D3LED, Callison RTKL, and brand design firm Gilmore Group.


American & Interstate Signcrafters was responsible for the design and fabrication of the custom ATM wall vestibule, the design and fabrication of the sun shade that extends from the first floor to the second floor and to the exterior of the building. We were also responsible for the installation of everything on site, including the two fully customized LEDs, ATM wall, as well as the custom LED mezzanine wall, ceiling and sun shade.

Different modifications and modules were used throughout different locations within the project. For instance the faceted ceiling, which extends to the exterior, utilizes a custom fabricated race-way configuration.

All fabrication was done in house. The project was well engineered, but it was still challenging to make sure everything that was designed on paper actually worked in the space, which necessitated a lot of constructive back-andforth to make it all happen.


In the end, very open communication made sure the whole project went off without a hitch.

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by American / Interstate Signcrafters

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