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Cumberland Farms

By American / Interstate Signcrafters

American / Interstate Signcrafters was hired by the Cumberland Farms Planning & Construction Team to execute a multi-site LED retrofit and assist in the re-imaging of more than 49 of its sites across the southeastern United States. Overall American / Interstate Signcrafters was tasked by Cumberland Farms to fabricate and install:

  • Internally illuminated canopy signs
  • Goal post sign systems
  • Main ID and digital price cabinets
  • Front gable signs and channel letters
  • Interior low-profile channel letters
  • Welcome directional signage, and more.

Services provided include, but are not limited to, complete fabrication, site surveys, permitting, installation, surface remediation, project managment, design, canopies, interior signgage, directionals, and digital price cabinet signage. To insure project continuity a dedicated team of experienced retail construction project managers and an internal  executive sponsor work hand in glove with Cumberland Farms Construction Team. 

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by American / Interstate Signcrafters

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