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3-D Printed Signage

By American / Interstate Signcrafters


As 3D-printer technology becomes more user-friendly and a common fabrication methodology its application in signage remains little understood. In many cases its applicability in compulsory ADA signage and wayfinding design is overlooked altogether.
There exists a reluctance to “dive head first” into a new fabrication design method for ADA
signs. As a result, facilities today are deprived of: enhanced building design, usability, significant
branding, and design options. All of which are now available with patented 3D-printed ADA compliant Braille signage.
The purpose of this post is to illustrate the universe of options now available, as well as make the reader aware of American / Interstate Signcrafters AIA approved and accredited course on the subject.
Our course confers 1 LU (HSW) and teaches participants the following:
  1. How 3D-printed ADA signage fabrication differs from other fabrication methods,
  2. What additional design options are possible via the 3-D fabrication method,
  3. The ramifications for compulsory ADA sign procurement and design, and
  4. How to specify for 3D-printed ADA signage.
For more information contact marketing@americansigncrafters.com.


by American / Interstate Signcrafters

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